November 4, 2014

October Events!

October was a very full and busy month for the UNM Wesley Foundation!


Our Service Project for the month consisted of helping out at the ZOO BOO on October 25, 2014. Our six students were divided up into several games and activities to entertain kids at the Backyard Boo. Two of our members helped kids play croquet, another two helped visitors dig for dinosaur bones in a sandbox.One helped kids make creepy crawlers out of fluff balls and thread. I helped kids make bracelets with stretch cord and foam animals, then helped in a hula hoop game once my materials ran out. A fun time was had by all and even ended up with a sandwich donation for our Halloween Party!

Our October Social Event was our Halloween party! October 28 saw many many people infiltrate the Wesley House to steal all of our food and carve some spooky pumpkins! Kristen and Derek won our best costume award, but left before I could take a picture of their amazing costumes! Brett won the best pumpkin carving for his depiction of the MLB logo from memory.

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